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Studio Services




CD Productions

So you want to record your own cd? It sounds great, but there is a lot more to it then what meets the eye. We at Sound Of Heaven Studio have produced many albums and handled complete productions from the scratchpad phase to the finished mastered end product that is ready to hit the shelves. We include the cd duplication and the layout work as well if desired for an additional fee. When you come to us, you can rest assured that nothing will be overlooked in the entire production. We’ll take care to guide you in every step of the way and make sure that when you step out the door, that you have an end product that you can be proud of and that represents you.




Mixing a song is a very exciting part of the production phase. It is the moment where every recorded detail gets its rightful place and where the song takes on the color and shape it was intended to have from the start.

When a song is fully mixed, it is ready to be mastered and released. We take pride in making sure that the sound that is communicated through the mix is precisely the sound and character that the artist had in mind. It has to be really good! Good enough is just not good enough!




Mastering is a whole separate arena in the audio industry. It is not something to overlook. This final process of a production can literally make or break the end result. So often bands or individual artists pump so much energy into the recording and mixing phase of a project that they don’t feel the need or have the budget for this critical last phase of their project. That is essentially throwing the hard effort from the recording and mixing into the trashcan. When you master an album, it brings every individual song on the same level and character of dynamics and color for the entire album. Where mixing looks at the individual tracks of a song, mastering looks at the album in its entirety It is the glue that brings it all together. Not only that, but it also puts your album out there, so that it can proudly be presented next to other professionally finished products. Sound Of Heaven has successfully mastered many cd productions and tunes over the course of the years.



Creating Royal-Free Tunes for YouTube and Facebook Videos
We love creating music! We offer a service that only requires a one-time fee for the creation of a royalty-free tune for your YouTube or Facebook video clips. You pay us for the work and we will give you an official statement that we relinquish our rights to copyrights and or royalties. After this you are free to use the tune for your own productions without hassle. We can create tunes in various styles and genres. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will deliver a catchy tune or background music for your favorite video clips.



Song Writing
Song writing is one of the most creative and exciting ways to express a message through music. We have years of experience in songwriting. Daniel Maat has written over 100 songs in the course of 25 years. Some of them have been used over and over in many occasions. If you need a song written for any occasion, we can do just that! Give us some information as to what you want it for and what genre you are looking for and we will take it from there.



Podcast and Audio Cleaning
If you host a YouTube channel or you have audio teachings or seminars, or even audio minutes from a meeting, then we can help you get the most out of them. Often there is hum or background hiss. Sometimes there are hindering background noises, like airplanes or other traffic that can be heard and are distracting. We own the best software tools out there, plus the know-how to handle any kind of audio related issues in order to get the most out of your podcasts and recordings.



Transferring of MC Tape, MD, and CD to Digital Format
You have old MC Cassette tapes with valuable recordings you do not want to lose? Perhaps you have some older CD’s or MD’s Sound Of Heaven has professional equipment to transfer all your old recordings to digital format. We can optionally also remove background noise when desired.



Auto-tuning and Editing of Individual Tracks
Singing perfect pitch is incredibly hard and almost impossible. In our opinion Auto-Tuning should be there to save that perfect take that has all the content you are looking for but it is slightly off pitch. That is where Auto-Tuning comes in to save the day. Sound Of Heaven can pitch and time correct your recording takes, using state of the art tools like Antares Autotune, Waves Tune, iZotope RX Suite, Steinberg Wavelab and Cubase and Universal Audio Suite.



Song/Demo Recording
So you need a nice demo to present your band for possible new gigs or record deals? Awesome, you have come to the right place. It’s not because it is called a demo, that is should be of lesser standard then a full production. On the contrary, a demo should represent you and invite others to support you, to bring out more of who you are. So we believe in quality. Nothing that leaves our door is unfinished and substandard; we want you to have something of value that you can be proud of. We have many years of experience in recording, mixing and mastering and we’re more than willing to produce your demo for you.




Custom Soldering Jobs for Cables and Multicables
Do you need a wiring job done for your own studio or live PA setup, or do you need a customized patch-bay for one of your racks? You need a multi-cable made or you just want a guitar cable? Sound Of Heaven can do it all. We not only did many customized sound installs for various live PA setups and other studios, but also did all the cables and patch bay setups for our own studio.

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