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We offer a broad range of audio and music related services to various groups of people: individuals, concerts, churches, organizations and studios.

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"Daniel Maat is a vocal coach and music teacher that would make feel at ease quickly. This enables you to be able to learn in a relaxed way and be yourself while singing and making music. Daniel is skilled in many areas.  Rhythm, breathing techniques, interpretation, theory of notes, singing techniques and preparations; all of these ensure the lessons to be very versatile. But much more important: this guarantees that you will be given a complete package, making sure that the focus is not just on one aspect, otherwise it will be one-sided." 

Christina Brugman - Vocal student (Almere)


"It is such an experience to have Daniel as a teacher! I used to be a very shy person. Well, a shy person and a worship leader don't really mix well, and I had to overcome it. I've always had it in my heart to sing praises to the Lord but I never believed in myself. Daniel really taught me a lot of techniques in singing and to overcome my shyness and stage fright.. It was a long road, but it surely was worth it. His feedbacks meant a lot -- from articulation to breathing techniques, to pitch accuracy, to boldness, to character-forming, to passion, to motivation, to humility. It was such an amazing experience and from listening to the recordings, I have gone from total unsure singer to a much bolder worship leader in 3 years. This is something that's so important as a worship leader because you have to be sure in your calling and work on the talent the Lord has given you in order to lead people to God's presence. Daniel's training and coaching is highly recommended!"

Charmaine Binaday - OHM Psalmist

"As Daniel’s mom I wish to recommend Daniel to you. From a very young age I was encouraging and challenging him to push through and study his music assignments. He has developed a very strong desire for perfection. He does not settle for less than the best. Daniel has the ability and the skill to play musical instruments in such a way that it touches the heart of people and changes the atmosphere. It is not just about technique but he has the feeling to truly bring heaven to earth, inviting people to experience the presence of God. Daniel is a psalmist, worship leader but is also a very good teacher challenging others to develop their musical qualities. Through the years I have seen how Daniel invests in people’s lives in order to bring them to a higher level of performance, changing their whole way of presenting themselves on the stage. As you call on Daniel’s services, I am convinced that you will not regret it!"

Irene Maat, D. Div., M.Th.

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