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Music Teaching Rates

Rates are the same for any chosen discipline within the private music lessons.

The various disciplines available are Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Voice lessons, Theory of Notes, Applied Functional Harmony, and Sound Engineering for Live and/or Studio purposes.

Payment can be done monthly or yearly, depending on the chosen package. The standard duration of a lesson is 30 minutes. A yearly course includes 45 lessons.


Yearly: € 980

Quarterly: € 245

Monthly: € 85

Per lesson (cash only): € 20


*Music Teaching Rates include VAT.


Payment methods:

  • Bank transfer (preferred method)

  • Direct debit

  • Paypal

  • Cash


*In cases of Bank transfer, direct debit or PayPal, an invoice will be sent to the student per email as proof of payment.

Studio Rates

Studio Time

€35 per hour, $250 per day. Includes engineer.


Song Demos

€25 per hour - Incudes Daniel's engineering, editing, mixing & mastering. Along with vocal coaching and playing guitar, bass, piano & programming if desired & full access to the studio and all instruments. Live drums available upon request.



€100 per track. Price includes 1 recall mix.


Demo Mixing

€60 per track for demos. This package comes with 2 hours of mixing. For additional changes, recalls and overdubs, the regular studio time rate will be added.



€30 per track that we mixed ourselves, €50 for tracks mixed elsewhere. Package deal available for a full album (10-12 tracks) is €290.



To hire Daniel as a producer the rate varies on the project, contact us directly.




Please Note: All studio and session dates require a minimum of 24 hour notice for cancellation. Failure to do so will cost €20 administration cost.


All services can be paid via PayPal or bank transfer after receiving an invoice.


*For all studio rates, VAT is excluded.



For any other services not included above, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. Please describe what you want and we will get back to you promptly with a customized quote. Let's Talk.​
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