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Individual Services




Keyboard lessons

Would you like to be able to play any song in any key? If you have a dedication to study for it, we can get you to that level of playing, even if you are a beginner. All it takes is a little effort and consistency. By doing this, we guarantee you that you will see results in short span of time. One of the prominent aspects of our teaching methods is to always make sure that the student understands the logic behind everything that he or she has to learn and stays motivated throughout the learning process.

Maybe you are an advanced player who would like to improve on your skills. No problem! Daniel Maat has more than 25 years of experience and teaching behind him and has a unique approach in teaching music that will spike you to learn at your best!



Vocal training/coaching

Are you interested in singing or perhaps you are a seasoned singer/vocal artists? Sound Of Heaven Studio is able to help you move forward in improving your skills. Some of the major subjects in this course include correct breathing techniques, intonation and articulation, vocal projection, rhythm introduction, functional harmonies. We’ll be able to take you from wherever level you are with a unique approach of teaching that will motivate you to enhance your singing skills. It’s a challenge, but it’s reachable!



Guitar lessons

Everyone can play guitar. But can they really? Knowing a few chords doesn’t make you a guitar player. There’s so much more to it and if you are willing to dive into it, we can absolutely help you to become a better guitar player! There’s nothing much better than being able to play any song in any key and also be able to play with other musicians without being hindered by the fact that you cannot play a bar-chord. Nothing is difficult as long as you’re willing to put the time and the effort. When you do those, we have the patience and willingness to take you on that road!



Bass Guitar lessons
Bass guitar is a very important instrument that is often overlooked. We believe that together with drums, bass guitar really is one of the foundational instruments for contemporary music. It gives body and a clear framework for all other instruments to work around it. Learning how to play bass is more than learning a few scales and a few runs. It requires insight of functional harmonies. We believe that theory and practical application always go hand in hand in music. Therefore, we like to focus on correct technique and on the same time keeping it fun and exciting for the student.



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