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Worship Leading

Worship Leading is not about singing a few songs or to entertain a crowd; it is meant to bring people in the presence of God. Daniel is a true psalmist; he is not only skilled as a music player and singer but he has the ability to listen to Holy Spirit, taking people along in praise, worship and expression. He has the gift to break open the atmosphere, setting people free to move around and releasing the prophetic unction in such a way that prophetic music and song or prophetic instructions are being born during a service. Daniel does not follow a program but seeks the leading of the Spirit in a meeting. It is not a matter of “enjoying nice music” but rather of making a sound, which brings heaven on earth.




Daniel has his own unique style of preaching. He is very practical and loves to demonstrate things while speaking. He is a dynamic motivational speaker, who does not only have a solid biblical foundation on the principles of praise and worship but also loves to challenge people on their daily walk as a Christian. Daniel stands for the truth and although he can be sharp as a prophet, he still has the compassion to touch hearts and cause people to be willing to change.



School of David

School of David is an eight-week course that will help you understand the dynamics of praise and worship. From a Biblical viewpoint Daniel has the ability to not only teach on the various subjects of praise and worship but also to demonstrate and challenge people in expressing their love for God. The course will set people free as they learn to walk in authority as sons of God. True worshippers worship the Father in Spirit and in truth.



Worship Team Coaching

  • Keyboard Lessons: Whether you are a beginner who is just looking around the corner or already an advanced player. Daniel can take you on a journey to improve your skills and to become more functional in playing in a church setting. Daniel has trained keyboard players who absolutely knew nothing and got them functional to play in church meetings in a fast tempo.


  • Vocal Training/Coaching: Your voice isn’t strong enough; you are often short of breath? After a long service or even several services you lose your voice? You wish you could sound warmer? Maybe you don’t even like how your voice sounds? Sometimes you go off pitch? You sometimes don’t know when to start singing? Daniel has been a professional vocal coach for many years and has helped many worship leaders and singers to be able to perform better and get to know their voice in a better way.


  • Guitar Lessons: So you want to play guitar! Guitar playing isn’t learning a few chords and then settling with it. Guitar is an instrument like any other. Daniels approach to guitar playing is unique. When you complete the course, you will be able to play any song in any key on guitar; you heard it right, on guitar :)


  • Bass Guitar Lessons: Bass guitar is a very important instrument that is often overlooked. Daniel has taken absolute beginners to fully functional bass players in a relative short timeframe. This doesn’t mean that bass playing is easy! It simply means that if a student is willing to put the time and dedication into it, it is a sure path to success.




Sound Consultation and Training
Sound can make or break your service. Not just for the worship service but also for the preaching. Good sound is essential. Daniel has trained sound technicians to be able to deliver good sound that is both great for the musicians and also pleasing for the people in the hall to listen to. How to deal with feedback, how to use effects, how to get a good signal, how to EQ, how to set levels, how to communicate during a service, those are just a few of the many issues that will be addressed in this exciting course. Maybe you don’t have any sound guy at all? No problem, if you can find someone willing to learn with a teachable heart, Sound Of Heaven will get them ready to run your meetings with success.



Sound System Setup and Upgrades - Advice on Future Gear Purchases
The famous “need new gear” verses budget war… The sound guy wants to improve, the pastor isn’t sure it is really needed. Daniel has advised many churches concerning their sound setup. Daniels approach is to find the balance between going all out and getting the cheapest possible. Sound Of Heaven stands for quality, but on the other understands the situation of limited budgets. We also believe that buying cheap is buying expensive. Therefore we rather buy quality and buy “less” so that what is invested will last and have long-term benefits.



Custom Soldering Jobs for Cables and Multicables
Cables are often overlooked; in planning new purchases for certain equipment most often the needed connectivity isn’t part of the budget plan. This obviously leads to unexpected surprises. With Sound Of Heaven you will always have a complete package that actually works! We do custom jobs for cables, multi-cables, patch-bays and anything needed to ensure long-lasting connections between equipment.



Live Recordings
Your worship team creates a great sound and the atmosphere is amazing. If only you could record it! Sound Of Heaven Studio is fully equipped to do high quality multi track live recordings. We will make a planning, come in to do the live recording and deliver a complete mixed and mastered recording for you. It is of course always possible to do overdubs where necessary.



Podcasts and Preaching Editing
Your church has good preachers but the recordings are really not what they should be. You would love to listen back whenever you want, to one of those messages. Sometimes there is background noise, hum or problems with the recordings. It is hard to bring them online, and so on. Sound Of Heaven can take care of all that. Simply upload your preaching with some notes attached as to what needs to take place and we will edit and clean your recording for you. We can even bring it online for you.




Advice and Setup for Podcast Recordings and Preaching
So you would like to record the preaching in a good quality and be able to upload it as a podcast on a weekly basis so that church members can listen back to it. Sound Of Heaven can help you get setup. We can buy the needed equipment, connect everything and train someone locally from the church to handle the weekly podcasts. Of course we can also handle editing the podcasts as well uploading and publishing it.

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