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About SOH



Sound of Heaven Studio.



We’re a company that strives to bring excellence in the field of audio and media. We love to bring creativity and professionalism together to create a pure sound that carries the heart of the artist. We are also very focused on training and educating both individuals and groups. Music is a language of the heart and it’s our mission to help you express it in the way you envisioned it.

About Daniel Maat



Mixing Engineer. Record Producer. Vocal Coach. Music Teacher. Studio and Live Consultant. Worship Pastor. Musician. Song-writer.



Daniel started to play ukelele at the age of 5. A year after, he got enrolled in a music school in Brussels, Belgium. He studied Theory of Notes, Functional Harmony, Classical Guitar, History of Music, Church Organ, Classical Piano and Vocal Lessons. That was from 1982 til 1996. So he basically had music school for 14 years. After that, he went to an art school which was connected to the conservatorium in Brussels and continued to study Classical Piano, Music Theory and Functional Harmony for another 2 years. 


He has an absolute musical hearing which greatly helps a lot in analyzing musical structures and composing.


He has composed over 50 songs already and some of them have been broadcasted on a radio station in England, United States and Aruba. Daniel has also done several live mixing for some artists like Peter Koelewijn, the music group X-cession and some of the top 40 artists of the Netherlands. He worked as a consultant for different churches where he would construct an entire sound system, set it up and install it for them and he provided training for sound guys, too. In many occassions, he has also trained an entire worship team on various fields whether it be music, singing or playing instruments. One instance was a trip to Australia where he spent 3 months training a worship team from the ground up; from setting up an entire sound system, to training singers and musicians, to training sound guys. He has travelled extensively doing this type of things. Other trips included were in various locations such as in the United States, in South Africa, in Aruba in England, in Belgium and in the Netherlands. Up until the present, he has been doing the same things like going around and supporting music teams and teaching individuals, too.


He is a consultant for recording studios, too. Daniel has helped set up several home recording studios in the Netherlands. His own recording studio has been productive for over 14 years already and he is currently busy constructing a commercial site for it. 


Daniel has developed a teaching course called, "The School of David" which focuses on the various aspects of praise and worship. It is meant for worship teams, but it's also very beneficial for the church since they are the one who will respond to the biblical principles that are taught in the course. He believes that music shouldn't be an empty expression. To him, worship is a lifetyle but also a practical expression of your heart and soul which resonates itself through music. 


Daniel is a full-time pastor on a church in Belgium where he oversees things about music, media and management. He is also part of the Apostolic Team there and has been ordained into ministry for over 14 years. The church is called Open Heavens Ministries where he connected his studio which is called Sound of Heaven Studio. 


He has succesfully completed Bible School and training in the ministry and his passion is to serve the body of Christ and to see true worshippers stand up and worship in spirit and in truth. 


The biggest part of Daniel's identity is worship leading. He is a psalmist and has been leading churches in Belgium and the Netherlands in worship for over 25 years. 


His whole life has been entirely revolving around music and it has been his joy and passion. He desires to continue to develop his skills and talents more in this field for God's glory and to share it to people with the same heart and passion. 


Daniel Maat is available for bookings whether it be training sessions, preachings or teachings, weddings, recordings, concerts and etc. Feel free to contact us for further details. :) 

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